zoology assignments   intro to zoology |  insect collection | aug. 28 - sept 13

Aug. 28
 Aug. 29
Aug. 30
  • Discuss Insect Collection requirements
  • View example insect collections.
  • We could use some ziplock bags...please bring some in if you can spare a few.  Thanks!
 Sept. 3
  • Read the insect collection instructions carefully to make sure you understand the requirements since we discussed this in class.
  • We discussed the 7 main Orders of insects (COLD H2O) and some more details of the insect collection.
 Sept. 4
  • Discuss insect techniques
Sept. 5
  • Practice pinning insects using a cricket.
  • Insect pins may be purchased at the UCD bookstore (size 2 or 3 work best)...I do have pins that students can get from me for no cost...
  • Quiz tomorrow on 7 main Insect Orders
  • Quiz: Insect Orders and Collection Requirements
Sept. 9
  • Collect insects
Sept. 10
  • Pin insects
Sept. 11/12
  • Collect and ID Insects
Sept. 13
  • Discuss Catalina Trip
  • Get trip paperwork if you are absent today